2 comments on “The Money Makers

  1. Are our reasons really less dire than they were back then? Looking back into the past may make us believe this, but I do think that the term “dire” should be defined in context with today. Also, I think when looking into the past, we know what a deterioration of employment, income and rights may lead to. There’s a minority that is homeless, have a low or no income, no medical care and no see no way of changing this situation giving our economy. The middle class has a warranted fear that they may, at one point, slip into poverty, and therefore may believe nipping the bud is a good idea. Things can always get worse, so why wait?


    • The global economy in the 1930s was in shambles. There was no social safety net to protect people, or any kind of comprehensive policy to turn things around. Brutally authoritarian governments under Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler threatened global war, which subsequently happened. The times were dire. FDR was instrumental in getting us through them, and we’ve made a lot of progress since then. We still have wars and poverty, sickness and starvation, but we have less of all of these in comparison. I think we fail to appreciate that, sometimes. I’m concerned that in failing to remember the achievements of the New Deal and the situations that necessitated them, we’ll fall back, dismantle the progressive policies and institutions that were designed to prevent things from getting this bad again, and thereby ensure that they do. Not only must we not abandon things like Social Security, Medicare, the UN, the EPA…., our efforts to reduce poverty, decrease wealth disparity, protect the environment, and promote world peace must be continued and continually improved.


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